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          Jiangsu Mei Steel Pipe CO.,Ltd. was founded in 2011 with registered capital of RMB350 million. Based in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China, the Company is dedicated to serving global energy market. With pipe delivery as the main line, it has a comprehensive, multi-function and digital large steel logistics center, integrating E-commerce, spot transaction, freight forwarding, warehousing management, marketing service, processing and supporting as well as logistics and delivery for closer service to the final users. So far, the Company has an annual capacity of handling 3 million seamless steel pipes, pipe billets and other steel materials.
          Mei Steel Pipe  covers 500mu with 200,000m2 of logistics warehouse, 5000m2 of testing center, 30,000m2 of office buildings, 6,000m2 of processing workshops, 7,000m2 of packaging workshops and other facilities. Meanwhile, it provides testing, handling, processing, packaging and other services. The class interval of the seamless steel pipes is Φ14-Φ1219×2.5-130mm. 50% of the products are exported to Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Southeast Asia, while the other 50% are sold domestically to petroleum, chemical, power station, boiler, coal mining, shipbuilding, machinery and other large enterprises.
          In domestic market, Mei Steel Pipe deals with large domestic energy and environment protection infrastructure construction projects in China and closely cooperates with construction contractors and designers to extend the service to design source of the construction projects. Meanwhile, it has established close collaboration with global energy giants. It continues to expand storage supply to electrical construction and other giants. With long and steady one-stop service pattern, the Company integrates industrial resources and forms super market service system towards the huge but scattered machinery manufacturing capacity in China.
          In the international market, Mei Steel Pipe puts emphasis on pipeline projects, petroleum and chemical projects, coal chemical projects, electrical construction projects and machinery processing projects to provide the foreign customers with overall engineering material, pipelines, valves, flanges, anti-erosion, machine processing and other packaged services to the foreign customers. In international petroleum/gas market, it aims at petroleum/gas projects, assists well-known EPC companies and terminal users, maintains long and steady partnership and supplies pipe fittings of full class intervals and full steel classes. It has established joint mechanism with some giant logistics companies from European and American countries to transplant domestic quality and cheap resources to foreign brands.
          Mei Steel Pipe constantly improves service quality, dedicated to improving productivity of the customers for their satisfaction. Mei Steel Pipe has become an excellent professional partner in energy field.