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Lontrin steel Talent grand apartment project started!

Date:2014-02-12 15:14

         September 27 morning, a total investment of 500 million yuan of Lontrin pipe talent apartment cum Nakagawa. Riverside grand international project started. The project covers an area of ??54,163 square meters, total construction area of ??128,146 square meters, including 74,619 square meters, including residential, Lontrin Steel Plant talent apartment 19010 square meters, 12,650 square meters of commercial facilities. Internal planning district has 20,000 square meters of European royal landscape, east of the 40,000 square meters of Yangtze River city park, the overall environment elegant, fresh and natural, built apartment Lontrin talent Talent will really solve the worries, so that employees work Convenience, comfortable life.

         Groundbreaking ceremony, Yangzhou Pipe Co., Ltd. Chairman Mazi Jiang Chuan pointed out in his speech, talent is the fundamental driving force of enterprise development, Lontrin pipe will always attract talent, retain talent, with good talent, care for the development of talent as the primary task, we must not only for enterprise talent to create a good working platform, but also to create a good living environment, solve the manpower to worry about. We will be first-class project planning, first-class quality, first-class residential environment, first-class property management, will Lontrin talent apartment Yangzhou enterprise talent to build a model for the apartment, and to establish a new one along with Urban Development landmark city building classic.

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