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Lontrin steel workers Second Congress of the five awards ceremony concluded successfully held

Date:2014-02-12 15:48

At 8:00 on January 1, 2013, Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Yangzhou Lontrin five workers Second Congress and concluded awards ceremony was held at the Riverside Development Building, 164 company employees' representatives, 92 representatives and 30 attended by the recognition attended the meeting.
          Meeting, the company's headquarters to the year 2012 elected leadership "advanced team", "Advanced Individual", "model year", "Special Contribution Award" awarded honorary certificates and prizes. Representatives of various departments and annual summary report for the work program objectives, combined with the work of the relevant departments of the exchange floor.

This conference is the company to further accelerate the development of strong faith, rose to the challenge of meeting the critical moment, the horn is sounded Lontrin advance mobilization meeting. Because 2013 is Lontrin steel to achieve the second Five-Year Plan ending of the year, the company is also the 10th anniversary of the plant, it is the third five-year plan nexus of the year. So, in 2013 the company achieve new breakthroughs in the work to achieve a critical year for new developments, but also to withstand more severe tests and challenges of the year. The meeting called on all cadres and workers to take positive action to focus on "transformation and upgrading, innovation" as the goal, to enhance economic efficiency as the main line, face the difficulties in creating in 2013 the production and operation of comprehensive and innovative development of the situation. As soon as possible to build a world-class Lontrin steel, seamless world famous enterprises and make unremitting efforts!

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